Hände & Füße bestens gepflegt
Enjoy the freedom!

Hands & feet

That can be seen at all times.

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Extraordinary. Cleverly.

Welcome to SENANA.


Since its founding in 2002, SENANA stands for products that are somehow exceptional.


We have specialized in finding and producing products that are simply extraordinary.


Any order that reaches us on a working day before 13:30 will be shipped on the same day.


Our online support is there for your questions. Write us an Message. We will respond in a maximum of 24 hours.

anti-callous, anti-regrowth System

Groomed hands and feet, without cutting, rasping or planing.

This is what our brand Mr. Fuss stands for.

With a simple concept, we succeed in circumventing the greatest weakness of established methods. Over the years, we have helped thousands of people regain the freedom to look their best.

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The Mr. Fuss Products

Mr. Fuss makes you a velvet foot ninja too. If you not run like on new soles after right treatment, we will refund the purchase price.
27,97 €*
Unit price
55,94 €*per l
15,97 €*
Unit price
79,85 €*per l
33,44 €* 51,44 €*
15,22 €* 16,54 €*
27,87 €* 46,45 €*
5,97 €*
Unit price
59,70 €*per kg
16,97 €*
Unit price
84,85 €*per l










Coarse & Fine.
Latest technology.

Robust, stable construction,

effective in action.

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More than 16,700 positive customer testimonials on the web.

SENANA: successful customer relations since 2002!

SENANA has been supplying customers from all over the world with exceptional products for almost 2 decades. Today, more than sixteen thousand positive customer testimonials on the various platforms testify to the high level of satisfaction about our products and the reliability of our service.

More than 11,700 positive reviews on eBay alone.

More than 650 positive customer reviews here in the store

More than 4,400 positive customer testimonials on the Amazon marketplace

More than 25 positive customer votes at Shopvote.

More than 33,000 customer contacts annually.

Convey good feelings.

Every time we succeed in helping to solve a problem, as is the case with the products of the anti-callous, anti-regrowth system products, or when we succeed in bringing a joyful accent into the gray everyday life, as it is the case with our Spanish kitchen knives, we consider our mission accomplished.

As a small family business, we offer an admittedly manageable product range. I can promise you that also that this is exactly our strength. Every product that enters our assortment has been selected with great attention to detail. That is why at SENANA you will always find exceptional products and they will always be reliable sent to you. Just exceptionally skillful. :)

That it is exactly what you can expect, testify thousands of traces on the net. More than 16,700 product reviews and seller ratings on the various platforms not only testify to a long tradition, they testify above all to our reliability over almost two decades.

Thank you for paying attention to us today.

Arwin Dustdar, Founder.

Plucking hair
with precision.

The stainless steel tweezers from LA MISMA FE. Available in different colors and in a matching case.

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Handmade with passion in Spain

  • High quality knife steel

    Of course, stainless and excellent hardness.

  • Fine wooden handles

    Feels good, looks great.

  • Sustainable construction

    Best natural materials, traditional way of making. Designed for durability.


Ceramic grater
for garlic
and more

Useful little helper brings cheerful contrasts

in your kitchen world