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FAQ – (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is the abbreviation now common on the Internet for a page listing the most frequently asked questions on a topic. Here we have a list of frequently asked questions related to the products ofMr. Fuss.

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I feel like I need so much of the solution?

With correct treatment, the opposite should be the case. It comes down to the right application. Please take special care to divide the cotton into extra thin layers before use. The thinner, the better. Wet the thin layer of cotton with the solution and press the wet cotton against the skin with the lid of the solution, so that the skin shines through the wet cotton.

This way it is correct and you really need few ml of the solution at each treatment.

Can I use Mr. Fuss Solution No. 1 or also No. 4 on open blisters or open wounds?

Unfortunately, no. You must not use the solution on injured or irritated skin. Please wait until the affected areas are completely healed before use.

Why does the cotton wool fall off, not stick?

This always happens when the absorbent cotton is not well saturated with the solution, and therefore the liquid has too little contact with the skin.

Please divide the absorbent cotton into the thinnest possible layers before use, the thinner the better. You only need the absorbent cotton to "hold" the solution on the skin. If the cotton is nice and thin, and the solution is applied properly, the skin will shimmer through the wetted cotton!

Done correctly, you need much less solution for the same effect.

Can I use the solutions during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

All Mr. Fuss products are ordinary cosmetic products. For cosmetic products, there are basically no special aspects related to pregnancy. If you want to be sure, ask your doctor. You can find the ingredients of the products on the respective product page in the tab "additional information", in the section "INCI".

The bottle says danger of blindness?

The Mr. Fuss active solution (No. 1 and No. 4) contains an alkaline solution. Proper handling is urgently required. Mr. Fuss solution should also be kept out of reach of children. However, if you follow the instructions, it is safe to use. Please look in your cupboard of household cleaners and read the warnings on each product. Even the simple shampoo used in the shower seems to be dangerous if you take a closer look. The safety instructions are required by law, and also serve to limit the liability of the manufacturers!

How long is the shelf life of the solutions?

In the case of products that have an unopened shelf life of more than 3 years, it is sufficient to indicate the shelf life in relation to the opening of the packaging. In case of Mr. Fuss Solution No. 1 and No. 4 the shelf life is guaranteed for 12 months after opening. You can recognize this information by the symbol with the opened jar on the packaging and the corresponding indication of months (e.g. "12M").

If you find an additional code on the folding box of our products next to the jar symbol, for example according to the pattern " 20-04-21″ this is the production date of the folding box.

This code is only used for batch tracing and is not an expiration or best-before date.

Can you treat athlete's foot with it?

Unfortunately a clear no! Athlete's foot is a disease of the skin! Please do not experiment on yourself. Visit a specialist!

Can I do the application without cotton wool?

Sorry, that only works in theory! In fact, the absorbent cotton "holds" the solution on the skin, so that it can work into the skin. If you simply put the solution on the skin, it would flow everywhere. The solution has the consistency of water. The advantage of the absorbent cotton (wetted) is that it virtually "holds" the solution in the place in question, so as I said, but it does not absorb (like a cellulose, for example) and therefore does not affect the effect.

Is the application also suitable for diabetics?

In view of the fact that diabetics and patients at risk (for example, people taking blood thinners) must not injure themselves, the anti-callous anti regrowth system is certainly an interesting alternative due to its gentle removal and treatment method, and thus represents a significant advantage for this group of people when removing cuticle and the treatment from dead skin. To be on the safe side, please talk to your doctor beforehand.

Is the application also suitable for children?

If your child is older than 3 years, there is nothing against it. However, we have often found that parents want to treat one or another of their children's "blemishes" for aesthetic reasons. Please think carefully about whether a cuticle removal will bring physical benefits to your child. Many things take care of themselves as they develop. We believe you should only interfere with the body's own regulatory mechanisms if there is a real reason to do so! Please also keep in mind that you first make tests with shortened effect times with regard to the effect times with your child.

I have a corn, will it go away with the solution?

There are some good reasons why you're better off leaving the removal to someone who does it for a living. The corn consists exclusively of dead skin. Inside there is usually a core of compressed dead skinwhich must be removed. We advise you: Please go with a corn to a specialist or a pedicurist.

Does the solution also help with ingrown toenails?

Ingrown toenail is a problem that ladies in particular often have to deal with. The most common cause of ingrown toenails is aesthetic reasons. Toenails are cut "round" for beauty reasons. The nails get too short and then at the transition to the nail bed there are adhesions from cuticle. If the nail cannot grow out, inflammations will also occur. You can loosen these cornifications in time with the solution. The nail can grow out of the nail bed better. Please always cut the toenails straight (toe to toe). This is healthier and prevents the described problem. In case of existing problematic condition, please consult a doctor.

Does No. 1 or No. 4 also help with warts?

No. The wart is usually a viral infection of the skin and should be treated by a specialist or a suitable caregiver.

It hardly goes away, am I doing something wrong?

Please note that our system is equipped with 2 solutions with different strengths. Accordingly, the results can also vary during the treatment be different. Please also note:

1. the treated skin areas must be dry

Make sure the skin is dry. Sometimes before the treatment for example, a foot bath is taken. This is for the treatment unfavorable, because the skin has already absorbed with water, and the solution can not penetrate into the skin.

2. the absorbent cotton should be used only thinly.

Sometimes a thick cotton swab is used. In this case, the absorbent cotton is dripped with the solution, but unfortunately too little solution reaches the skin area to be treated. A good indicator is the fact that you can clearly see the wetted skin shimmering through the absorbent cotton. The thinner the absorbent cotton (it only serves as a carrier), the lower the consumption of solution.

My fingernails are turning yellowish?

Unfortunately, this can be observed from time to time among users. In most cases, this slight discoloration is associated with very soft nails and excessively long exposure times. The discoloration dissolves by itself within a few days. To avoid this, you can treat the nails before treatment cover the nails with grease cream. Better yet, use the solution directly on painted nails.

Do I no longer need to go to a chiropodist?

It depends on what services your pedicure has provided so far. You can use the treatment with Mr. Fuss solution cannot replace the whole spectrum of a foot care studio. Incidentally, a visit to the foot care center may also be a question of "pampering".

More and more chiropodists use our solution in their practice. Just ask for it or recommend our products there with pleasure.

Should you bathe your feet beforehand?

No. This is one of the most frequent sources of error. Please apply the Mr. Fuss solution directly on dry skin. If the skin is damp (this is the case after bathing), the solution can not work well. The result may be unsatisfactory.

That is the right way:Treat the cuticle and dead skin on hands and feet with Mr. Fuss. Afterwards, a relaxing foot bath, for example, can replace the rinsing process. Your feet will thank you.

Do I have to leave the solution on longer if I have a lot of dead skin?

Please keep to the times specified in the application recommendations as far as possible. Excessively long exposure times lead to drying of the treated skin areas. In order to achieve an efficient removal in case of strong keratinization, it may be necessary to extend the treatment to repeat the treatment at intervals of a few days.

What is the difference between No. 1 and No. 4?

Basically, the two solutions differ mainly in the intensity of their effect. Those who have discovered the benefits of gentle manicure and pedicure without the use of sharp or rough tools may want to use the procedure with more intensity.

While the No. 4 has a normal keratolytic (i.e., horn-dissolving) effect, the No. 1 is noticeably stronger in its effect.

For beginners we recommend the use of the No. 4 or our Starter Kit, which contains both solutions.

The starter kits