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Mr. Fuss

Mr. Fuss® - Active Solution No. 1 - fast & strong softening - 500ml

Mr. Fuss® - Active Solution No. 1 - fast & strong softening - 500ml


The choice of regular customers. The fast and strong softening solution No. 1 from the system maintenance program.

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The anti-callous, anti-regrowth system from Mr. Fuss is the unique systematic grooming programme for effective dead skin- and cuticle removal without sharp or rough instruments with instant effect. The 4 main components (No.1 to No. 4) round off the system to form a coherent care concept.A special role is played by solution No. 1. It was the first keratolytic (i.e. horn-dissolving) solution in the program and is still the stronger solution of the two (No. 1 and No. 4) and one of the strongest of its kind on the market.

With good reason, our solution No. 1 is also the most popular component with our regular customers in the popular anti-callous, anti-regrowth system.

The best product in the large advantage bottle with 500ml filling quantity. Extra much, extra favorable. For all those who regularly rely on the extremely strong effect for cut- and friction-free removal. The fast and strong softening solution for manicure & pedicure copes with the most stubborn hardenings and raises the system to a unique level.

Even the strongest cuticle is softened in just a few minutes that it can be gently removed with one of the special pushers from the systematic grooming programme can be conveniently removed. So without you have to resort to sharp or rough tools.

Care your hands and feet beautifully with this efficient system component and look forward to


  • (MF1002) 500ml advantage size
  • fast effect
  • strong softening
  • because keratolytic (horn dissolving)


Aqua, Sodium Hydroxid, Propylene Glycol

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