Solution No. 1

fast & strong softening

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Enthusiastic for almost two decades Mr. Fuss body-conscious people and helps them to sustainably cared for hands and feet. More than sixteen thousand positive customer opinions on the net can testify to that. On eBay, on Amazon, and in our store.

A system that approaches the care of hands and feet in a fundamentally different way has been able to help many thousands of people over the years.

The Mr. Fuss Categories

From the anti-callous, anti-regrowth system

Here are a few sample customer testimonials:

Significant improvement.

"Simply gentle on the skin and convincing in the treatment. I am thrilled! The treatment is simple [...] and has already after the first treatment significant improvement shown."

Diana P., Trebbin*2

Really enthusiastic!

"Super solution for dead skin-removal. I was tired of constantly using the callus rasp or an electric hard skin remover (which hardly brings anything) to remove a bit of skin and wanted to try something new. The treatment is really super easy [...] I must say I'm really excited!"

René A., Mülheim a.d.Ruhr*2

Very satisfied

"Got a very good result. Did it once a week in the beginning . Now I do it once a month. I am very satisfied. My feet are very soft."

Ramona L., Amberg*2


"I accidentally came across Mr. Fuss "stumbled" and am thrilled. Followed the instructions and the effect was as desired - SUPER! Very satisfied."

Katrin F., Rainham, UK*2

super successes

"Absolutely recommended. Had already after the 1. treatment super successes can see. Thanks for finding it."

Sylvia S.,Rostock*2

Easy to use

"I had the product before - it had already convinced me then. That's why I ordered it again now. Easy to use - very effective if you use it regularly. Keeping at it is important."

Rena L.,Schwäbisch Gmünd*2

Again and again

"My heels were quite cracked ,they are now already great .Again and again"

Heinz-Wilhelm S., Bruchhausen-Vilsen*2

Simply brilliant!

"The Mr.Fuss solution No.1 is really the hammer. I have treated a customer rhagades with it and the result was simply brilliant."

Evelin S., Vaihingen-Enz*2

Solution No. 4

- fast softening -

500ml especially economic!

Softens dead skin in only 10 minutes

For beginners.

The starter kit is ideal for getting started. It contains everything for the gentle removal of dead skin and both solutions to get to know.

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Remarkable customer testimonials:

Jasmin ist begeistert! Wir sind es auch.

Jasmin is thrilled! We are too.

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Füße endlich wieder in Sandalen zeigen!

Feet finally show again in sandals!

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Cooles Zeug! Danke Dani, dass Sie es aussprechen.
almost magical

Cool stuff! Thanks Dani for putting it out there.

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