Füße endlich wieder in Sandalen zeigen!

Feet finally show again in sandals!

Well is there such a thing?

For decades unsuccessfully tried to give the feet a respectable performance, but in the end prefer to hide the two extremities?

Oh yes, that exists. We from Mr. Fuss know that what Gabriele bravely said in her review about the Mr. Fuss Starter Kit Excell about their own failures is part of the daily truth for many people. Because, in their own opinion, their feet do not look respectable, they are hidden in shoes that are as closed as possible, even in summer. This is a pity, and even a bit mean to the feet. But quite understandable.

The solution is so simple, and only a few mouse clicks away. Even with decades of disappointment, Mr. Fuss can help immediately. But read for yourself what Gabriele writes:

"I got for years my dead skin on my feet for years, no matter what I did. I had meanwhile a whole drawer with planes, files and Co.

I was, when I saw the advertising on the net, very skeptical, but since I was really desperate, I ordered the starter set and also expected no miracles. After so far twice treatment I am absolutely thrilled. It will take a while, but I know that if I keep at it, my feet, which I have hidden for decades, can finally show proudly in sandals again. Thank you so much for this."

Gabriele, thank you so much for your honest words. I'm sure you'll encourage other sufferers to give it a try.

We promise an immediate effect, with correct treatment. With everyone! In any case, no one has to hide his feet because he did not know better until now than to rasp, pumice stone or plane. Let's go, here below you will find inexpensive system packages for the entry into the cut- and frictionless dead skin removal.

p.s.: Dear Gabriele, the photo is only an illustration :) of course we do not know what you look like, but we took the liberty, because you wrote about "decades", to take a person who could visibly have a few years of life experience. We hope you will not take offense at this little exaggeration and especially not personally.

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