4 piece tweezers set

In four cheerful colors

in a sporty case.

LA MISMA FE. The same faith that unites all.


LA MISMA FE (span. "the same belief") is not a religion. Nevertheless, we believe that all people have one basic aspiration in common: the desire to live simply and well. It is under this guiding principle that we seek to offer our lifestyle and wellness products that are simply good. Products that make life a little bit easier, or increase well-being, or make you feel good.

What customers say

Very satisfied

"the cream smells only very subtle, absorbs incredibly well, leaves no greasy film, nourishes my skin optimally.
Only recommend."

Karin *3


"Due to the slightly beveled shape of the two "pinchers" you can really targeted and precise plucking and no longer have to be afraid to accidentally pull out 10 hairs at once. What would be bad with me already, because then I would have no more eyebrows....

Simply top, I would buy again and again!"

Yilmaz, *3

Sustained care

"Super moisturizer for day and night. Already have the eyebrow tweezers from the same brand. Am very satisfied!"

Deyna Sophie M., *3

Quite great parts, can only recommend them!

"Quite great tweezers! Lie very well in the fingers, snap together well at the ends. I chose one for tick removal, the rest are for personal hygiene. Would buy again!"

Martina K., *3

Has the makings of a favorite cream

"...In fact, the cream feels quite silky - it literally melts into the skin. You don't need much because it's very economical. It doesn't leave a greasy feeling on the skin, rather the skin feels smooth and silky. I currently use the cream only as a night cream, but in the morning you still have that silky feeling on your face. After one week of use, I already have the impression that the skin somehow looks more radiant."

Gabriele K.*3

 Lösung gefunden!

"Super effect! Usually have strong problems with sweating in everyday life, but since I use it not at all. The effect is super and lasts with me several days and at the same time I tolerate the antiperspirant very well."

Maurice P., *3