hard skin remover thought differently

It's quite simple to do things differently.

hard skin remover thought differently. How about approaching the subject hard skin remover with a different perspective? Mr. Fuss I believe I can offer you an alternative that takes a completely different approach.

As you can see from many home remedies for dead skin removal removal is easier if the removal is done dead skin has been softened beforehand.

Mr. Fuss has created a system that has developed this basic idea so far that the softening of the dead skin is in the foreground. It is therefore no longer used only as a preparatory measure, and the actual removal, the mechanical act of removing the dead skin, is reduced to a few manual operations.

Home remedy principle continued, makes dispensing with sanding possible.

The immense advantage of this is that grinding, rasping, planing and similar actions can be dispensed with completely. This also means that the accompanying effects that are caused by these conventional processes can be dispensed with. Please also refer to our notes on calluses shaver and the callus rasp or to the pumice stone read.

With the Mr. Fuss method, the "anti-callous, anti-regrowth system", is used

consistently avoids the use of rough or sharp foot care instruments. Instead, all that's needed is a solution, some absorbent cotton and a completely blunt sliding instrument. This is your hard skin remover without the loop effect.

Mr. Fuss says: This is my method! hard skin remover fluid and without grinding. And here it goes directly long to the dead skin removal