dead skin removal with the pumice stone

Maybe not the best idea.

Care and hygiene. Actually two terms that belong together. At pumice stone and its relatives (lava stone, synthetic corneal sponge, etc.), it is better not to think too much about the hygiene aspect. Because what they all have in common is that they are porous on the one hand and consequently have a rough structure on the other.

Where and when is a pumice stone is most often used? Oh yes, in the shower or while bathing.

And what exactly was an ideal climate for germs and bacteria again? Oh yes, moisture and warmth.


The same pattern and unhygienic to boot!

The fact is that all grinding and rubbing tools basically already once lead to rough skin. That is in their nature. At pumice stone and the like, however, they are also difficult to clean.

In addition, unfortunately, already the dead skin sponge-like structure itself is an ideal home for germs and bacteria. Thus, with every treatment two good friends meet. Scenario pleasing?

First, the new pumice stone is rubbed over the heels. In the process, it then takes up to its deep structures the skin mass and the contained

bacteria contained therein. Briefly washing the stone cleans the pumice stone on close inspection only superficially. Then it lies with its inhabitants on the edge of the tub and together they wait patiently for the next use, making themselves a little comfortable in the warm, humid climate. At the next treatment then the user uses the pumice stone again in the tub and shares his bath water with the germs. The idea of sharing this involuntary bath with the bacteria of one's partner, or with other household members, is also piquant. pumice stone used together. The game repeats itself week after week and one mixes in such a way (common use presupposed) blithely the bacteria in the whole household.

Admittedly, slightly ironic and perhaps a little exaggerated. But in essence, this statement is correct. pumice stone and colleagues are quite unhygienic and have to deal with the understanding of care, as they Mr. Fuss sees, have nothing to do with it.


Mr. Fuss RECOMMENDED: pumice stone & Co. are disgusting, unhygienic and roughen the skin. Please in the garbage can with it!


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