dead skin removal with the calluses shaver not really recommendable.

It is quite cheap and admittedly, its efficiency is impressive. The calluses shaver. A tool that, in our opinion, is better kept in the kitchen or toolbox than in the comsetics cabinet.

For diabetekers, it is an absolute nogo. And for good reason. Actually - and this is the opinion of us at Mr. Fuss - is the calluses shaver a utensil with which no one should "treat" himself.

High risk of injury!

The danger of injuring yourself is simply immense. The planer, living up to its name, has a blade that can easily compete with a razor blade. With such a device, you are now to snip at yourself at the distance to the foot and as a result, for example, one of dead skin free heel. And the whole thing then actually without having hurt yourself?

That is hard to believe. The truth is that many people find themselves with a calluses shaver have already injured themselves. This is also the reason why, for example, diabetics are advised against the use of such devices, because they have certain disadvantages in connection with an injury.

But without straying further from the topic, even if you consider the obvious risk of injury that a blade, as one would expect in a calluses shaver is just by nature, this instrument is already unsuitable in itself to be used as the result of a dead skin removal a beautiful, round and, above all, smooth heel.

Ablation only with cut edge

Because with every (successful) ablation, you remove one strip dead skinapproximately the width of the blade guide. To the left and right of this section (typical for a plane) an edge remains. With the next removal process, you repeat this game and gradually the heel remains in a pretty shape that could easily compete with the facet cut of a valuable diamond. ;)

In other words, and promised in the hand: Remove one dead skin with a calluses shaver, you will never have smooth skin and pretty curves as a result. But you can be glad after the use of such an instrument if you got away without injury.

At Mr. Fuss we have been wondering for a long time why these products are allowed to be marketed unhindered "for body care".

calluses shaver?! - Really dangerous. Hands off!

By the way, if you still think of a scalpel now, it is surely unnecessary to explain that this is technically the same. Thus, the problems created by its use are also comparable and so are the results. However, it must be admitted that a professionally operated scalpel in the hands of a specialist and in cases of hardship, for example when removing a deep-lying corn, may have its justification.

THEREFORE: Be smart! Refrain from using blades. dead skin removal can be so simple.

In the following video you can see how simple dead skin removal can be if it has been softened beforehand. No risk of injury, efficient removal in just 10 minutes: