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Mr. Fuss

Mr. Fuss® - Sudozero 20 - Foot Deodorant / Antiperspirant - 75ml

Mr. Fuss® - Sudozero 20 - Foot Deodorant / Antiperspirant - 75ml


Reservoir in the shoe? Remedy is here. SUDOZERO is the new highly effective antiperspirant for feet. Lastingly prevents unwanted perspiration.

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Almost one third of all Germans complain about sweaty feet. Stinky feet and sweaty feet go hand in hand, because one is caused by the other. In addition, it is often simply unpleasant, for example, when you have to take off your shoes unexpectedly, such as when you are asked to do so as a guest in a strange apartment. After all, damp footprints on the floor do not make the best impression. This situation is so often on the border of the pubic area. The feet can get dripping wet in the process.

SUDOZERO 20, the new antiperspirant from Mr. Fuss is the effective answer to this problem, with highly effective active ingredient concentration of 20%.. SUDOZERO is a real sweat inhibitor. No gimmick. Ideal for effective protection against unwanted perspiration on the feet.

As a true antiperspirant, it effectively prevents the emission of body sweat on the feet, thus preventing not only wet socks, but also the resulting foot odor. Foot odor is caused by bacteria on the skin, which feed on the actually odorless body sweat. Unlike a simple deodorant, which tries to inhibit the formation of bacteria itself, an antiperspirant fights the evil right at the root. Even the emission of body perspiration is prevented, feet and socks remain dry, and foot odor cannot develop in the first place. The cracks in the skin often caused by excessive sweating can also be avoided.

Despite the high effectiveness, you do not have to do without good skin compatibility, because SUDOZERO also contains skin-caring substances such as aloe vera and skin-soothing allantoin in addition to the twenty percent active ingredient concentrate.

Our tip:You can use SUDOZERO 20, the foot perspiration inhibitor, not only on your feet. SUDOZERO also works on other problem areas, such as the hands or armpits, back, buttocks and others.

Simply spray a few puffs from the handy atomizer pump onto the areas to be treated in the evening before going to bed and rub briefly on the skin. You can repeat this process a few evenings in a row and thus sustainably strengthen the effect. Thus, SUDOZERO can permanently (for days) protect against unwanted perspiration!

Due to its long-lasting effect, SUDOZERO 20 is not only a problem solver, it can even be cheaper in comparison than a conventional deodorant that, despite daily treatment significantly less effective despite daily use. With SUDOZERO, it can be sufficient, after an initial several days of treatmentAfter the initial application of SUDOZERO for several days, it is sufficient to apply the product only every few days as a refresher.

  • (MF1049) Highly effective antiperspirant for feet
  • 20% active ingredient concentration
  • Lastingly prevents unwanted foot perspiration
  • On soles, balls or heels and between the toes
  • But also on other body parts, hands, armpits, etc.
  • Well tolerated by the skin Contains skin caring aloe vera
  • With skin soothing allantoin



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