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Mr. Fuss

Mr. Fuss® - No. 1 - Plus Pack Steel - Large

Mr. Fuss® - No. 1 - Plus Pack Steel - Large


The top seller from the Mr. Fuss assortment now in a Plus version for saving, additionally with an instrument and a bag of absorbent cotton.

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The big No. 1 Plus Pack is the alternative savings composition with the popular Aktiv solution No. 1, absorbent cotton and depending on the equipment an instrument or instrument set. Ideal for the wallet and for the inexpensive entry or replenishment for manicure and pedicure without cutting or rubbing. The large Plus Pack like here contains the large individual packs.

The popular anti-callous, anti-regrowth system from Mr. Fuss makes dead skin removal and cuticle removal possible without grinding, rubbing or planing. By means of the keratolytic (horn dissolving) solutions No.1 or No. 4, is cuticle and dead skin softened in minutes and can then be gently and carefully removed.

This procedure avoids the undesirable side effects that are the order of the day with conventional methods.

These methods are based on the mechanical removal of horn and cuticle by abrasion and cutting. However, only temporary improvement is achieved. Basically, the problem is often exacerbated because even healthy skin (in addition to the dead skin and underneath) is abraded and rubbed. The spots become larger and the dead skin increases. You have to remove more and more often and the skin feels rough and dry overall. The same goes for the cuticle, which, for example, is often cut back ungently.

Different with Mr. Fuss.

With each treatment one removes dead skin or cuticle gently and carefully and with every treatment you move another step out of the usual vicious circle of grinding. Since no rough or sharp tools are used anymore, rough skin and angular edges are a thing of the past. Time to look forward to velvety groomed hands and feet thanks to this unique method.

The - great - No.1 Plus Pack Steel (MF1029). What's inside:

  • Active solution No. 1 - fast & strong softening - 500ml
  • Natural cosmetic absorbent cotton, easily divisible into thin layers, super adhesive - 25g
  • callous pusher made of chir. Steel (Steel)
  • Detailed instructions in 5 languages on 48 pages


Aqua, Sodium Hydroxid, Propylene Glycol

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