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Mr. Fuss

Mr. Fuss® - No. 4 - Plus Pack Complete - Small

Mr. Fuss® - No. 4 - Plus Pack Complete - Small


The fast softening solution No. 4 from Mr. Fuss at Plus Pack complete with absorbent cotton and two-piece surgical steel instrument set.

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With the Plus Pack No. 4 from Mr. Fuss is the gentle dead skin removal and cuticle removal really no longer an investment. For the value of a simple visit to the cinema you can already sustainably pressure points and weals remove without sanding or rubbing. Now is the time to take advantage of gentle pedicures and look forward to smooth heels and pads because you can finally dispose of sanders in the trash.

The treatment process is quite simple, and by not using rough or sharp instruments, you save yourself from the usual side effects of traditional dead skin removal such as rough skin and yo-yo effect. Simply apply the solution over the thinnest possible layer of absorbent cotton on the skin, and let it work there for a few minutes. Afterwards the softened dead skin can be gently removed with the enclosed scraper, by just pushing it away, without any effort.

The feet will be grateful. It's time to confess heel, and put an end to vicious circle of grinding. The Plus Pack contains the fast keratolytic (horn dissolving) solution from the Mr. Fuss systematic grooming programme, with which you can both dead skin as well as cuticle can be softened within a few minutes. In addition, the Plus Pack bag of absorbent cotton for application and, depending on the equipment, an instrument or instrument set that allows easy removal of softened dead skin and/or cuticle enables.

The - small - No. 4 Plus Pack Complete (MF1056). That's inside:

  • Active solution No. 4 - fast softening - 250ml
  • Natural cosmetic absorbent cotton, easily divisible into thin layers, super adhesive - 25g
  • Cutlery set with callous pusher and cuticle pusher made of chir. Steel
  • Detailed instructions in 5 languages



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