Mr. Fuss® - No. 1 - Advanced Pack Multi - Groß - EAN 4260123160647
Mr. Fuss® - No. 1 - Advanced Pack Multi - Groß - EAN 4260123160647
Mr. Fuss® - No. 1 - Advanced Pack Multi - Groß - EAN 4260123160647
Mr. Fuss® - No. 1 - Advanced Pack Multi - Groß - EAN 4260123160647
Mr. Fuss® - No. 1 - Advanced Pack Multi - Groß - EAN 4260123160647
Mr. Fuss® - No. 1 - Advanced Pack Multi - Groß - EAN 4260123160647
Mr. Fuss® - No. 1 - Advanced Pack Multi - Large

Mr. Fuss® - No. 1 - Advanced Pack Multi - Large

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The - big - economy package with the fast and strong softening No. 1 and the care balm No. 2 for aftercare and additional delay of reformation, together with the practical multitool double instrument made of surgical steel and absorbent cotton.
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Mr. Fuss® - No. 1 - Advanced Pack Multi - Groß - EAN 4260123160647

Mr. Fuss® - No. 1 - Advanced Pack Multi - Large

41,64 €* 59,48 €*

Das Problem: Schleifen.

→ raut die Haut auf → Hornhaut nimmt zu → die Flächen selbst werden immer größer


The big No. 1 Advanced Pack is easy on the budget as a super-saver package with the popular Aktiv solution No. 1. In all Advanced Packages is always also the high-quality care balm Plus No. 2 from Mr. Fuss. With absorbent cotton and, depending on the equipment variant, an instrument or instrument set, you will find a complete package for the inexpensive entry or replenishment for manicure and pedicure without cutting or rubbing. In the large Advanced Pack like here you get then equal the big single packages.

The popular anti-callous, anti-regrowth system from Mr. Fuss makes dead skin removal and cuticle removal possible without grinding, rubbing or planing. By means of the keratolytic (horn-dissolving) solutions No.1 or No. 4, is cuticle and dead skin softened in minutes and can then be gently and carefully removed.

This procedure avoids the undesirable side effects of common methods for the dead skin removal or cuticle removal.

These rely on the mechanical removal of dead skin and cuticle by abrasion and cutting. However, only temporary improvement is achieved. Basically, the problem is often exacerbated because even healthy skin (besides the dead skin and underneath) is abraded and rubbed. The spots become larger and the dead skin increases. You have to remove more and more often and the skin often feels rough and dry overall. The same goes for the cuticle, which is often cut back ungently, for example.

Different with Mr. Fuss.

With each treatment one removes dead skin or cuticle henceforth gently and carefully and moves each, with each treatment step by step out of the familiar vicious circle of grinding. No longer using rough or sharp tools, rough skin and angular edges are a thing of the past. Time to look forward to velvety groomed hands and feet thanks to a unique method.

In addition to gentle removal by softening with the keratolytic solution, each contains Advanced Pack also always contains the high-quality care balm Plus which treatment so properly rounds off. It ensures that after the treatment healthy skin is immediately supplied with valuable nutrients and plenty of moisture. And when the care balm also regularly in between (i.e. not only after the treatment), it provides an extra sustainable delay in the formation of new dead skin!

The - great - No.1 Advanced Pack Multi (MF1062). What's inside:

  • Active solution No. 1 - fast & strong softening - 500ml
  • care balm Plus No. 2 - 10% Urea, Propolis & Evening Primrose Oil - 200ml
  • Natural cosmetic absorbent cotton, easily divisible into thin layers, super adhesive - 25g
  • Multifunctional double instrument made of chir. Steel (equipment Multi)
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Mr. Fuss Anwendung 1

Mr. Fuss offers you a concept treatment, not miracles! This method allows sustainable callus removal without grinding or rubbing. Naturally, strong calluses require several applications. The special advantage of this method (removal without grinding!) reveals itself with regular use.

Samtfuß-Ninja Garantie
Velvet foot ninja guarantee from Mr. Fuss

The Mr. Fuss Velvet Foot Ninja Guarantee

Our promise: With Mr. Fuss you will become a velvet foot ninja!

Our anti-callous, anti-regrowth system replaces all other methods for dead skin- and cuticle removal and helps everyone - regularly and correctly applied - to sustainably and permanently velvety soft feet and well-groomed hands.

If you are not convinced, you pay nothing! We will refund the purchase price.


super Erfolge

"Absolut zu empfehlen. Hatte schon nach der 1. Anwendung super Erfolge sehen können. Danke dass ich es gefunden habe."

Sylvia S.,Rostock

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Rena L.,Schwäbisch Gmünd

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"Meine Hacken waren ziemlich rissig ,die sind jetzt schon prima .Immer wieder"

Heinz-Wilhelm S., Bruchhausen-Vilsen

Einfach genial

"Die Mr.Fuss Lösung Nr.1 ist echt der Hammer. Ich habe bei einer Kundin Rhagaden damit behandelt und das Ergebniss war einfach genial."

Evelin S., Vaihingen-Enz

Echt begeistert

"Super Lösung zur Hornhaut-Entfernung. Ich war es leid ständig mit der Hornhautraspel oder einem elektrischen Hornhautentferner (der kaum etwas bringt) ein bisschen Haut zu entfernen und wollte mal etwas neues ausprobieren. Die Anwendung ist wirklich super einfach […] ich muss sagen, ich bin echt begeistert!"

René A., Mülheim a.d.Ruhr

Sehr zufrieden

"Ich bin zufaellig ueber Mr. Fuss „gestolpert“ und bin begeistert. Bin der Anleitung gefolgt und der Effekt war wie gewuenscht – SUPER! Sehr zufrieden."

Katrin F., Rainham, UK


Die revolutionäre Hand- und Fußpflege

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    Hornhaut und Nagelhaut sanft
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    Bereits nach der ersten Anwendung ist das Ergebnis sichtbar.

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