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Mr. Fuss

Mr. Fuss® - Cuticle pusher double

Mr. Fuss® - Cuticle pusher double


Stainless Steel Cuticle Pusher Double Instrument - Pro Cuticle Pusher - Double Spatula 2 Sizes

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This great cuticle pusher you do not like to put down. And, because of its ribbed handle, it will not slip out of your hand unintentionally. Whenever you have to push skin or e.g. softened skin mass as with the anti-callous, anti-regrowth system from Mr. Fuss and it is more a matter of precision than coarse mass, then this instrument made of high-quality stainless steel is the right tool for the job.

Two different sized blades, one on each side, guarantee precise work and also effortlessly hold almost any mass (thanks to adhesion force) in any position on the instrument due to the curved blade surface.

Easy to clean, sterilizable, suitable for autoclaves. What more could you want! Everything in the usual Mr. Fuss quality.

  • (MF1033) UNIVERSAL double instrument to use as a cuticle-Scraper, manicure spoon, scooping instrument made of high quality stainless steel with two different sized polished scoops.
  • RUST-FREE professional quality suitable for daily use in the commercial environment e.g. for nail design with gel nails of course also for private use treatment for cosmetics and nail care
  • UPGRADE design with ribbed anti-slip handle for perfect grip and polished blades for maximum hygiene. Easy to clean, autoclavable.
  • CURVED spatulas of different sizes at both ends for a secure grip of the mass picked up, for example, when removing cuticles with Mr. Fuss cuticle remover-solution
  • DIMENSIONS approx. 15cm long, 2 curved spatulas approx., 2.5 cm x 0.8 cm as well as 2.5 cm x 0.5 cm (length x width)


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