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Mr. Fuss

Mr. Fuss® - Multitool made of surgical steel

Mr. Fuss® - Multitool made of surgical steel


The multi-tool from Mr. Fuss combines two tools for hand and foot care in one instrument.

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The great advantage of dead skin removal and cuticle remover with Mr. Fuss, without grinding, cutting or rubbing, is the absence of rough or sharp tools during removal. Indeed, sharp and rough tools also roughen the healthy skin, besides the dead skin and underneath, thus enlarging the problem areas and can lead to injuries, and often cause an overall increase in dead skin or cuticle.

The anti-callus, anti-regrowth system from Mr. Fuss follows a different path. Dead skin and cuticle is softened within minutes, as soft as jelly. So it can then be gently removed with a blunt scraper, so simply pushed away.

For this removal or pushing away we have at Mr. Fuss developed some special instruments that are ideal for the procedure.

This multitool is our high-quality all-round instrument for this treatment. It combines two tools in one. On one side there is a blunt blade, with special trigger edge, which is optimal for removing large masses of dead skin softened with our solutions. On the other side there is a half tube, which is practical for removing concentrated small amounts of dead skin or cuticles after softening them with our solutions. For example, the cuticle or about pressure points or callosity. The practical half-tube shape ensures that the removed mass does not fall off the instrument, enabling effortless work.

All together a top instrument in high quality solid surgical steel.

  • (MF1008) Double instrument for the removal of dead skin or cuticleafter it has been softened
  • heavy version
  • Surgical steel, autoclavable
  • brushed handle
  • tool ends polished
  • Dimensions approx. 18 x 0.5 x 2 cm (l x w x h)


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