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Mr. Fuss

Mr. Fuss® - callous pusher from chir. Steel

Mr. Fuss® - callous pusher from chir. Steel


Professional instrument for the safe and gentle removal of dead skin previously treated with the keratolytic (callus-dissolving) solution of Mr. Fuss softened.

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The basic principle in the gentle dead skin removal is to avoid sharp or rough instruments. Because these are the main cause of rough or uneven heels and pads. The systematic grooming programme from Mr. Fuss makes exactly that possible. Because through the two keratolytic solutions No. 1 and No. 4 is dead skin or cuticle softened in minutes and can then be gently removed by merely pushing it away.

This softened material is particularly easy to dead skin with this special callous pusher made of surgical steel. It impresses with its ergonomic design, and the trigger edge available specifically for this purpose. The instrument is not sharp and therefore injuries are excluded. With the prior use of the keratolytic (horn dissolving) solutions from the systematic grooming program, the instrument's edge enables the efficient removal of the softened dead skin.

The scraper is very durable and is very easy to clean. By merely wiping and washing, or, if you want a little more, by true sterilization. A musthave for the passionate Mr. Fuss fan.

  • (MF2023) Mr. Fuss callous pusher
  • Very good removal of softened dead skin
  • Surgeon steel
  • Practical for the anti dead skin, anti-growth system
  • Conditionally also for cuticle suitable


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