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LA MISMA FE® - Plucking tweezers - slanted tips

LA MISMA FE® - Plucking tweezers - slanted tips


PRECISION TIP beveled for easy plucking of eyebrows, beard hair and hair removal.

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LA MISMA FE (span. "the same faith") is not a religion. Nevertheless, we believe that all people have in common a fundamental aspiration. The desire to live simply. Simple and good. Inspired by the typical Mediterranean lifestyle, and strongly influenced by this impulse, we at LA MISMA FE develop products that follow this maxim. To do this, we consult the best manufacturers around the world to provide quality products - directly and without detour through price-pushing retail chains - affordable. You don't have to pay more for high-quality products!

LA MISMA FE Precision tweezers for plucking eyebrows and much more

A high-quality instrument that brings pleasure and can be a help in everyday life every day. Especially when plucking eyebrows, the design with a beveled tip is an advantage. The tweezers from LA MISMA FE lies well in the hand. Thanks to the matte black surface, you have a firm grip on the plucker. In addition, the matte black surface can prevent unwanted reflections. This is especially helpful when using them in daylight, the brightest light of all.

Precision & Quality - It should not be less. An instrument, no matter how small or simple, is a tool that is meant to be a real help, to make everyday life or work easier. That's why you should pay attention to good quality even with such a simple work aid as tweezers. The LA MISMA FE Eyebrow Tweezers (LF1005) has exactly the properties that matter:

  • Stainless Steel 18/0 
  • Matte black finish on the entire body
  • Precisely fitting gripping surfaces, brushed
  • Optimal pressure point

Universally applicable

  • For hair removal, eyebrows
  • beard hair, lady's beard, chin hair, ear hair
  • For gripping eyelashes
  • Suitable for removing splinters or the like.


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