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LA MISMA FE® - Tweezers set - 4 pieces in case - black

LA MISMA FE® - Tweezers set - 4 pieces in case - black


4-piece tweezers set. For each treatment the right tip. Flat as standard all-round tweezers. Angled for plucking eyebrows, pointed for targeted use, and as tweezers angled for ergonomic work.

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LA MISMA FE (span. "the same belief") is not a religion. Nevertheless, we believe that all people have in common a fundamental aspiration. The desire to live simply. Simple and good. Inspired by the typical Mediterranean lifestyle, and strongly influenced by this impulse, we at LA MISMA FE develop products that follow this maxim. To do this, we consult the best manufacturers around the world to provide quality products - directly and without detour through price-pushing retail chains - affordable. You don't have to pay more for high-quality products!

LA MISMA FE Tweezer set

This tweezer set leaves nothing to be desired. Four different tips, each tweezer in its own compartment in the practical bag for storage. With this you become a plucking professional. For each treatment a suitable tweezers. With it one removes e.g. accurately eyebrows, beard or whiskers or other facial hair, whether for men or women, with the tweezers of LA MISMA FE one plucks like a Professional. The cosmetic tweezers set is also suitable as a tinkering tweezers, depending on your needs, for example, to help in model making, or for example, in the removal of wood splinters that do not sit completely under the skin.

Each tweezer is made of stainless steel and has a matte black coating, which supports a secure grip and can prevent annoying reflections of daylight.

  • (LF1006) Tweezers set 4 pieces, black
  • In a pretty and practical leather-look case
  • Material: Stainless steel 18/0
  • Nickel free
  • Stainless
  • Matte black coating
  • Brushed tips
  • Precisely fitting, long gripping surfaces
  • Optimal pressure point
  • Flat, Pointed, Oblique, Angled


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