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GLORIFY HOME® - Teruel - Ceramic grater double pack

GLORIFY HOME® - Teruel - Ceramic grater double pack


Grating plate ceramic grater double pack Teruel for garlic, ginger, apple, parmesan, chocolate, raw vegetables and more, 2 grating plates with different designs.

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GLORIFY HOME brings Mediterranean design to your health-conscious kitchen. Anyone who processes and eats a lot of garlic will love this practical grating plate. In typical Spanish design, handmade and painted, the small plate with its sharp grating teeth grates virtually all common foods instantly to healthy mush, fine granules (eg chocolate), or even to fine grating as with Parmesan cheese. The easy cleaning by simply rinsing with water underlines the practical handling. If desired, the garlic grater also feels comfortable in the dishwasher.

With the ceramic grater you can grate garlic, of course, but also other foods such as ginger. You can use it as a nutmeg grater, chocolate grater, parmesan grater and much more. It is all in one. The Spanish grater double pack with 2 different designs is also a nice gift idea.

  • (GH2012) Ceramic grater double pack with 2 different Designs
  • easy to clean
  • grates many foods instantly into healthy mush
  • dishwasher safe
  • Mediterranean design
  • Combination "Teruel" with decorations in turquoise/blue and green


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