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Glorify Home® - Series Bernia - Set 2 pcs. Paring Knife & Larding Knife

Glorify Home® - Series Bernia - Set 2 pcs. Paring Knife & Larding Knife


Two-piece knife set with small kitchen knives made of high quality knife steel and sturdy handles made of POM.

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Glorify Home CUTTING KNIFE & larding knife

The Bernia knife series is the classic all-rounder that can always be relied on when it comes to efficiently and precisely filleting or peeling vegetables and fruit. The focus in the completion of the knives is that the blade length and handle length are perfectly balanced. This is the only way to ensure a pleasant cutting experience without cramping your hands. The robust and traditional construction of stainless molybdenum vanadium knife steel ensures the longevity of your knife. Our experience has shown that the optimal hardness of up to 54 HRC Rockwell provides the right balance of high durability for long-lasting sharpness, while also having the best resharpening suitability. As for Glorify Home usual, this knife does not come from mass production and is handmade in a small Spanish manufactory.

The most important information about the Glorify Home® Bernia paring knife & larding knifeSet (GH1049):

  • Spanish roots and southern accents for your cooking world
  • Stainless molybdenum vanadium knife steel in 1.2mm thickness
  • Double riveted unibody handle made of POM
  • DIMENSIONS paring knife: blade 6.5 cm, Total: 17.5 x 1.8 x 1.1 cm small.
  • DIMENSIONS larding knife: blade 8 cm, Total: 17,5 x 1,8 x 1,1 cm small. The kitchen knife is ideal for garnishing meat, fruit and vegetables thanks to its size.
  • Easy cleaning & dishwasher safe
  • Durability of the knives due to optimum hardness of up to 54 HRC Rockwell and sustainable materials.


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