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Glorify Home® - All-purpose Scissors Kitchen Scissors - stainless steel 19cm

Glorify Home® - All-purpose Scissors Kitchen Scissors - stainless steel 19cm


All-purpose scissors made entirely of stainless steel, ideal for kitchen and household, with 19cm total length.

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Glorify Home All purpose scissors

As for Glorify Home As usual, we also rely on special high-grade materials for the production of the kitchen scissors in order to be able to guarantee high quality as well as indestructible durability. The all-stainless steel scissors are thus the perfect addition to a high-quality kitchen and household equipment. The polished surface of the scissors ensures maximum robustness and an exclusive, noble look. They are versatile and always a reliable everyday helper in the kitchen and household. The scissors effortlessly cut foil, fabrics, cardboard, cord, paper, herbs, flowers, vegetables, fish, meat. Thus, the scissors is the optimal all-rounder. The complex and sophisticated design offers numerous application options: With the integrated serrated rounding you open screw caps and bottles in no time or you crack nuts and much more. The serration on the scissor blade ensures a secure and firm grip on moving materials such as fabrics or the like when cutting. Each pair of scissors is handmade in Spain using traditional methods. A tool for lovers of good, conventional craftsmanship. A pair of household scissors for every day and a lifetime.

Key information (GH1016):

  • Stainless polished steel
  • Traditionally handmade. No mass production!
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Also suitable for cooking, handicrafts, packaging, opening, separating, sharing
  • Dimensions: Total length approx. 19 cm, cutting length approx. 8 cm, width approx. 6.5 cm


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