Gentle dead skin removal with immediate effect.

dead skin removal so it goes gently with Mr. Fuss. It's really easy and gentle, because you don't need any grinding or rubbing tools. And this is how you proceed

1. Place a suitable, thin layer of the special absorbent cotton on the area to be treated. dead skin-and wet it with the keratolytic solution. Press the now moist absorbent cotton against the skin with the bottom of the bottle so that the skin shimmers through the absorbent cotton.

2. You can now put your feet up and let the whole thing work for a few minutes. Enjoy the time of the effect perhaps with a good book or relaxing television program, and already look forward to the results, which you can experience in few minutes.

3. After the exposure time, you can take down the absorbent cotton and get to work. Tip: Please make sure that the absorbent cotton and the skin underneath are still slightly moist. Otherwise, you have used too little solution or the exposure time was too long. Using one of the special, always blunt, removal tools, you can now remove the dead skin, soft as gels. This is how dead skin removal today!

4. Now briefly wash the feet or treated areas with ordinary water, and then apply the balm for the feet. Done! Now repeat this procedure for the second foot.

Mr. Fuss says: So it goes round. And here you can go to the cuticle removal!

Mr. Fuss and the anti-callous, anti-regrowth system have stood for many years for a gentle but extremely efficient method of dead skin removal. If you get started today, you can end the vicious cycle with rough or sharp tools tomorrow. To get started, we recommend: