Electric hard skin remover

Electrical hard skin remover

An electric hard skin remover is the latest trend in dead skin removal and is currently flooding the market. And as always, many people are impressed by the concentrated power of advertising.

Meant is an electric hard skin remover. That fabulous invention that has been fooling us for some time into thinking it has completely reinvented the wheel.

The fact is: the only thing new about these devices is their design. Any device that, through electrically powered rotation of a rough surface, prepares to dead skin is an "electrical hard skin remover". And such devices have actually been around for a long time. In the new generations rotates a roller, in the old usually a cone, or a disc. Now some manufacturers advertise these graters, which come in understandable, different colors for the various grits, as new types of microgranules, but fail to provide a detailed explanation of what advantage a microgranule has over an ordinary sandpaper or a file would have. Which effects however the rubbing or grinding with similar foot care devices can have in principle, describes Mr. Fuss at this linked page. Looked at precisely, an electric hard skin remover of the current generation is just what has been around for a long time:

A grinder for cornea removal, this time with the handle shape of an electric razor and a transversely running abrasive roller with 30 revolutions per second. You shouldn't be dazzled by these marketing ploys. Just as with the detergent, which brings for felt 100 years nearly every 6 months a new formula, with which one can wash still whiter, it behaves also with the electrical Hornhautentfernern. Who still remembers the cornea egg? A few years ago only much praised further "newest achievement" of the cornea removal technology. Basically, this was also nothing more than a grater, packaged in the shape of an egg. The only thing that was new was the collection container connected to the form for the abraded dead skin. The disadvantages of grinding, on the other hand, were naturally the same and today no one crows about it.

Conclusion: A new dress does not make a new technique. There is a lot of wind around the old and no reason for hysteria. One should rather look for a real alternative. An electric hard skin remover probably doesn't offer much that's new, but grinds just like countless other foot care devices. Grinding, however, is often the cause of rough skin and thus rather causes the opposite of what you actually want.

Mr. Fuss says: Don't be blinded by the advertising. An electric hard skin remover is nothing new!

Mr. Fuss and that anti-callous, anti-regrowth system have stood for many years for a gentle but extremely efficient method of dead skin removal. If you get started today, you can end the vicious cycle with rough or sharp tools tomorrow. To get started, we recommend: