7 inspirierende Nagellacktrends für den Winter 2019/2020

7 inspiring nail polish trends for winter 2019/2020

The first snowflakes fall from the sky and Christmas spirit returns
slowly arrives. Winter has arrived in Germany and with it the
new nail polish trends! From elegant pearls to contrasts and new
Nail Art trends, everything is there. Let yourself be inspired.

1.) Pearls now also decorate your nails

This winter, pearls are the trend accessory, badly. But instead of
to wear them as necklaces or bracelets as usual, they will be this
year they are glued to the nails!

Especially in combination with nude tones come the nail art beads
to the best advantage. For a beautiful everyday look see individual,
refined staged pearls, look particularly elegant. At
Saturday evening there may be more. Wallpaper your nails quietly with
different colored micro beads.

2.) Discreet glitter looks elegant

What women are not fond of pearls? Those who love glitter! Also
glitter is allowed on your nails this winter - but only in moderation.
Glittery highlights and silver dust are now fully in trend.

If you like it discreet, you can exclusively decorate one finger with a glittery
highlight on just one finger. More striking are, created from the glitter varnish, shapes
and patterns. Glittering nail tips also make quite a statement.

3.) Lettering is fully in trend

Letters on the fingernails are the new trend look. Whether a
single letter on your nude polish or in an eye-catching black and white look - the main thing is that you conjure up letters on your nail polish.

Label your nails with one letter per finger and let
your hand form a word from it.

4.) Black and white are back

Black and white are not just allowed in the lettering trend. Also as
manicure, the colors are allowed back on the nails or as a
create a sophisticated black and white look.

For example, you can cover one half of your fingernail with adhesive tape
tape. Now apply the black polish. Is the black
nail polish has dried, brush the other half in white.

5.) Wine red is also this winter

Red fingernails always look classic! This winter are especially
dark wine red tones in the trend. Now a cup of mulled wine as
accessory and your outfit is perfect.

For a special touch you can put on the wine red lacquer a pearl
Place or glitter highlights. Also thick white letters on
the dark polish give your nails a special flair.

6.) Do you already know the new French look?

The French look looks a little different this year. Subtle pale pink and
white nail tips can anyone. This winter you may create your own
color combination.


Whether white polish with red tips or black fingernails with a
nail moon made of silver dust - there are no limits to your creativity.

7.) Marble nails

Nails in marble look are also hip this winter and quite
easily created:

Take several, contrasting, colors to the
hand and apply a little of each to the nail. Pull the still
colors into each other so that they blend into each other.
run into each other. A silver or gold tone is suitable for the marbled highlights.
Fine lines can be neatly drawn on the fingernail with a needle.
on the fingernail.

Still in trend

You may also continue to wear nude shades on your fingers. Also
any shades of red, especially burgundy, and a dark gray may also be
decorate your nail trendy.

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