16 effektive Tipps gegen kalte Hände und Füße im Winter

16 effective tips against cold hands and feet in winter

The cold season is setting in. The first have already pulled out gloves and cuddly socks, because hands and feet are already freezing. Women in particular are often considered to be frostbitten. But what is the reason for this and what really helps you with freezing hands and feet? We'll tell you!

Why do your hands and feet freeze in winter?

Especially the hands and feet freeze quickly in winter. This is not uncommon and in most cases is not a cause for concern.

Behind it is often lack of exercise or sleep, stress or taking medication. Too tight shoes and stockings, nicotine consumption and sweaty feet can also promote the cold.

In addition, some pre-existing conditions promote cold in the hands and feet. For example, if you suffer from low blood pressure, hypothyroidism, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, this may explain your rapid shivering.

Women are especially quick to shiver, and there are reasons for this: For example, women usually have less warming muscle mass, the skin on their hands and feet is thinner compared to men, and blood pressure is often lower. Thus, women freeze faster and the body extracts the heat from the hands and feet to sufficiently warm the vital organs.

Signs of health causes

Nevertheless, behind cold hands and feet can also be a serious disease. Year-round complaints, as well as cold associated with pain should definitely be discussed with a doctor. Especially for circulatory disorders and vascular diseases, the cold body regions can be symptomatic. If open wounds or black discolorations appear together with the cold limbs, you should act immediately.

How to counteract cold hands and feet

In most cases, however, cold hands and feet are caused by poor circulation, incorrect clothing and freezing temperatures. You can effectively counteract this without spending a lot of time:

This is how you prevent the cold

Alternating showers

Admittedly: Alternating showers in the morning doesn't necessarily sound like wellness, especially in winter. But it's worth the effort: you'll get your circulation going. In this way, you do something good for your health and counteract the cold!

Heating up food

You can also heat up your body from the inside. Spicy meals in particular counteract cold hands and feet. Spice up your meals with chili, cinnamon, ginger, garlic or nutmeg, for example.

Warming teas

In addition, you can warm up your body with some teas. While green, red, and peppermint and chamomile teas have a cooling effect, other teas really heat you up. Warming spices for your tea include ginger, fennel, anise or vanilla.

By the way, good news for coffee drinkers: coffee also has a warming effect!

Fitness training

If you exercise regularly, you actively counteract freezing tendencies. Fitness training reduces fat and builds up warming muscle mass. In addition, you promote your blood circulation and get your circulation going.

Avoid stress

Easier said than done! But staying relaxed also means staying warm. That's because the rejects of adrenaline can slow down blood flow. For example, meditation, yoga and autogenic training can boost your stress resistance.

Avoid tight shoes

Always leave at least an inch of space for your feet in your winter shoes. This space is needed by the shoe to form heat cushions.

Socks from natural fibers

Another common mistake: reaching for socks also synthetics. On the one hand, the material promotes sweaty feet, which in turn promote cold feet. On the other hand, socks made of natural fibers warm your feet faster.

What helps with cold hands?

Now you know how to prevent cold hands and feet in general. But what helps in acute cases of cold hands?

Pulse and pocket warmers

If you like to be finger-free and therefore do without gloves, you can reach for pulse warmers. The fingerless cuffs warm your wrists and also look very fashionable.

Alternatively, the good old pocket warmers can also provide warmth on the go. The traditionally bendable heat pads are not only practical, but usually also very cheap to buy.

Alternatively, there is the new generation of pocket warmers: they are charged via USB, warm you in the cold and can also be used as a powerbank for your smartphone!

Hand massage

But even without a shopping trip, you can quickly get your hands warm again: To do this, simply knead your hands properly in turns. The massage promotes blood circulation in your hands and also generates heat through the friction.

Hand gymnastics

Furthermore, it can help to move and stretch your arms and hands. Stretch and bend your arms, let your wrists gyrate, clench your fists and stretch your fingers wide - the main thing is to get your hands moving!

Heated mouse in the office

For cold hands in the office there is a terrific invention: The heated mouse provides warm hands while you are working at the computer. Alternatively, you can also reach for a heated mouse pad.

What helps with cold feet?

Now your hands are warm but your feet are still freezing? This is what you can do:

Thermal soles

If your feet are constantly freezing on the road, thermal soles can be the solution. The materials keep your feet comfortably warm. Meanwhile, by the way, even heatable shoe soles are on sale. These you can charge at home and on the road you have a shoe heater!

Warming foot cream

In addition, you can reach for warming foot cream if necessary. The ingredients contained warm your skin and promote blood circulation.

Hedgehog ball massage

You can massage the sole of your foot with a hedgehog ball. This activates your reflex zones and promotes your blood circulation. Simply roll the ball over the soles of your feet or place the hedgehog ball on the floor and move it back and forth with your feet.

Foot gymnastics

Exercise can also promote circulation and bring the warmth back to your feet. Dangle your feet and alternately stretch and bend your legs. Circle your ankles, spread and stretch your toes, and do what feels good to you. The important thing is to move your feet and stimulate circulation.

Do not cross your legs

Last but not least, a tip: If you are sitting for a long time, crossing your legs can be the reason for cold feet. This interferes with your blood circulation and your feet start to freeze.

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