Mr. Fuss® - Aktiv Lösung No. 4 - schnell erweichend - 100ml - EAN 4260123161064
Mr. Fuss® - Aktiv Lösung No. 4 - schnell erweichend - 100ml - EAN 4260123161064
Mr. Fuss® - Aktiv Lösung No. 4 - schnell erweichend - 100ml - EAN 4260123161064
Mr. Fuss® - Aktiv Lösung No. 4 - schnell erweichend - 100ml - EAN 4260123161064
Mr. Fuss® - Aktiv Lösung No. 4 - schnell erweichend - 100ml - EAN 4260123161064
Mr. Fuss® - Aktiv Lösung No. 4 - schnell erweichend - 100ml - EAN 4260123161064

Mr. Fuss® - Active Solution No. 4 - fast softening - 100ml

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The fast softening solution No. 4 from Mr. Fuss. The universal solution for the gentle removal of dead skin and cuticle. Here in the 100ml travel filling.
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Mr. Fuss® - Aktiv Lösung No. 4 - schnell erweichend - 100ml - EAN 4260123161064

Mr. Fuss® - Active Solution No. 4 - fast softening - 100ml

9,96 €*
Unit price
99,60 €*per l

The problem: grinding.

→ roughens the skin → dead skin increases → the surfaces themselves become larger and larger

Product description

dead skin and cuticle remove without rough or sharp tools? Yes, you can. Here is the right product for it!

dead skin or cuticle is usually removed by mechanical abrasion or clumsy cutting. pumice stone, rasp and calluses shaver or cuticle scissors and sliders unfortunately usually have an undesirable side effect in the process:

Even the healthy skin is rubbed, sanded or cut - under and next to the dead skin or cuticle. As a result, the areas as a whole usually become rough and cracked or edged. And then friction and pressure themselves are also the cause of the callus formationand so the areas become larger and larger or more and more frequently more and more dead skin be removed.

So grinding or rubbing often not only does not look so nice in the end, it also unfortunately often makes the actual problem bigger and bigger.

With Mr. Fuss is fortunately quite different.

The two keratolytic (horn-dissolving) solutions (No.1 and No. 4) soften horn and cuticle already in a few minutes. The softened in this way callus mass can be gently and carefully, i.e. without rubbing or grinding, removed with a special blunt scraper.

This spares the user the problems of ordinary methods.

With this solution No. 4 you get the universal active solution from the anti-callous, anti-regrowth system for the vast majority of applications and normal callus formation. The treatment is simple: apply the solution over a thin layer of absorbent cotton to the areas of skin to be treated, leave on for 10 minutes, push away with special scraper. Done.

This is how simple and effective gentle dead skin removal can be today.

Tip: With strong dead skin or very stubborn spots, you might want to check out the No. 1 look at


No. 4 Active Solution (MF1011):

  • 100ml travel size
  • Free from colorants and fragrances
  • Very fast and efficient
  • Acts in 10 minutes


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This is how it works!
Mr. Fuss Anwendung 1

Mr. Fuss offers you a concept treatment, not miracles! This method allows sustainable callus removal without grinding or rubbing. Naturally, strong calluses require several applications. The special advantage of this method (removal without grinding!) reveals itself with regular use.

Velvet foot ninja guaranty
Velvet foot ninja guarantee from Mr. Fuss

The Mr. Fuss Velvet Foot Ninja Guarantee

Our promise: With Mr. Fuss you will become a velvet foot ninja!

Our anti-callous, anti-regrowth system replaces all other methods for dead skin- and cuticle removal and helps everyone - regularly and correctly applied - to sustainably and permanently velvety soft feet and well-groomed hands.

If you are not convinced, you pay nothing! We will refund the purchase price.

Product reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Daniel P.
Löst etwas schwächer auf aber auch sehr ...

Löst etwas schwächer auf aber auch sehr gut und sauber!

Ralf K.
Nach Beschreibung gemacht,Ergebnis: man ...

Nach Beschreibung gemacht,Ergebnis: man kann die Hornhaut nach dem Einwirken ein klein wenig leichter abraspeln,das rechtfertigt aber nicht solch einen hohen Preis,da raspele ich lieber eine Minute länger...

super successes

"Absolutely recommended. Had already after the 1. treatment super successes can see. Thanks for finding it."

Sylvia S.,Rostock

Easy to use

"I had the product before - it had already convinced me then. That's why I ordered it again now. Easy to use - very effective if you use it regularly. Keeping at it is important."

Rena L.,Schwäbisch Gmünd

Again and again

"My heels were quite cracked ,they are now already great .Again and again"

Heinz-Wilhelm S., Bruchhausen-Vilsen

Simply ingenious

"The Mr.Fuss solution No.1 is really the hammer. I have treated a customer rhagades with it and the result was simply brilliant."

Evelin S., Vaihingen-Enz

Really enthusiastic!

"Super solution for dead skin-removal. I was tired of constantly having to use the callus rasp or an electrical hard skin remover (which hardly brings anything) to remove a bit of skin and wanted to try something new. The treatment is really super easy [...] I must say, I'm really excited!"

René A., Mülheim a.d.Ruhr

Very satisfied

"I accidentally came across Mr. Fuss "stumbled" and am thrilled. Followed the instructions and the effect was as desired - SUPER! Very satisfied."

Katrin F., Rainham, UK

The anti-callous, anti-regrowth system

The revolutionary hand and foot care

  • Smooth and gentle

    Gently remove dead skin and cuticle
    without sharp tools.

  • Immediate results

    Already after the first treatment the result is visible.

  • Sustainable

    Thanks to the gentle process of rare dead skin remove.