Cause and origin of dead skin

These are the most common causes of the emergence of dead skin.

At this page we have already learned what exactly dead skin actually is. And also, in outline, how it is created.

But let's take a look at the emergence of dead skinas we encounter it every day, sometimes consciously, but sometimes also quite unconsciously.

Who does not know the feeling when new shoes press and tweak and after some time swellings in some places, which gradually become harden?! Clearly, pressure points and wealsthat one knows. In fact, these are probably the best known form for the emergence of dead skin are.

As we have already understood, the horny cells (corneocytes) in the epidermis migrate from the bottom to the top and finally flake off on the surface under normal circumstances. But what if this desquamation is not possible, for example because something else - for example the wall of the shoe - holds exactly against it most of the time?

External influences prevent a natural process

Well, then urge more and more corneocytes from the inside of the epidermis to the outsideand there is a accumulation of the corneal layersa thickening. Exactly here we have the cause of most cases of the development of dead skinas they are usually understood.

So, if you do not remove this pressure point, which first forms due to the non-existent possibility for the corneal cells to exfoliate in the affected area, and the process of accumulation continues (for example, because the shoes do not soften and you still wear them regularly), then after some time here can even be a corn can develop. On the one hand, this is nothing more than a core of compressed dead skin and on the other hand unfortunately often very painful.

So if you keep in mind that dead skin mostly arises where through pressure and load natural reedding of the dead skin-cells is prevented, one understands the connection of cause and emergence of dead skin in some places much better.

Mostly due to friction and pressure

For example, think about the heels, which have to bear an immense load (the body weight). Then you understand why weightier people often have greater problems on their feet with the development of dead skin than light weights.

Suddenly it may also become clear that the pressure point on the fingerThe cause of the bruise, which until now seemed mysterious, may have been caused by the ballpoint pen that was regularly and persistently held in the hand during work.

The truck driver realizes that his elbow is possibly horny because he bumps it against the side window every day while working in the driver's cab.

Ultimately, the time factor is the same. Because once a process of accumulation of these cells is set in motion and is not interrupted again, then the amount of the dead skin also accumulates over the period of time. In other words, here we also have the reason why the formation of dead skin is perceived more massively with increasing age.

In summary, we can state that in most cases the prevention of the natural desquamation of the horn cells, often caused by friction, pressure and stress, and almost regardless of which part of the body, is the reason for the emergence of dead skin.

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