Canker ointment for dead skin removal

The only thing that helps is firm faith.

The market for chapped skin ointment is large. The promises are full-bodied. But can they be kept at all?

dead skin, miracle ointment, chapping ointment and other callus remover creams promise soft feet just by rubbing them in. You just have to rub your feet regularly and permanently with the special formula and after a few weeks you will have feet as soft as a child's bottom.

Well, the good news is, unlike with calluses shaver or Callus rasp you can, with whatever cream, basically rather not hurt or harm yourself. On the contrary, without detailed consideration of specific formulations for chapped skin ointment, one can probably assume that the vast majority of the offers have more or less caring properties. And, of course, care is an excellent measure to counteract unfavorable developments or, precisely callus formation delay or reduce them.

Can chapped skin ointment really dead skin remove?

But as the name of the ointment already suggests, the aim is to remove real cracks, or fissures, as the experts say, by means of ointment. However, how is that supposed to work? Just for illustration are below again a few pretty pictures of real fissures.


Mr. Fuss SAY: Putting good cream on your feet is cool! - But dead skin remove with chapping ointment, I don't think so! THEREFORE: Be smart! Do not trust hollow advertising promises. Immediate dead skin removal can be so simple.


Honestly, can you really expect a cream to deliver such dead skin as shown below? How is it supposed to do that? Will the chapping ointment remove the dead skin dissolve into thin air? Or will it bring the callus back to life, alive? Finally is dead skin dead skin cell tissue, as we know.

One might also ask where the dead skin actually evaporates through the mere use of chapped skin ointment? Does it lie in the socks or loose in bed in the evening?

You have the answers yourself

Just by using common sense and checking the above questions, it is possible to answer whether the statements that are often made with chapping cream can be plausible.

It is already important and correct also to care for his feet with cream, especially if they suffer from moisture loss. A good formula, with the right ingredients can here effectively, preventively and sustainably the callus formation counteract, but just by caring for healthy skin. The (dead) dead skin on the other hand, does not seem to make much sense. If it is considered annoying or even causes problems, it should be removed with a clear conscience. However, one should not expect miracles from an ointment for crotch. At Mr. Fusswe keep a real removal of correct dead skin by means of mere cream for unbelievable!