After the dead skin removal

Creaming makes things round

Freely after Sepp Herberger, also applies to the dead skin removal "After the dead skin removal is before the dead skin removal"(and of course also after the cuticle removal).

In order to enjoy the full success of the whole system care, we would like to recommend, especially the time between the removals of dead skinDo not forget to take care of your feet (and of course your hands). Because especially also the prevention of dead skin-new formation has a

essential part in the fact that one finally reaches the goal more and more rarely a dead skin removal less and less frequently. It is precisely here, in aftercare, that the strength of the Mr. Fuss anti-callous, anti-regrowth system in its entire range. In contrast to cheap offers, which you can sometimes discover on the Internet, especially the care products from Mr. Fuss with well thought-out formulas have an advantage. Thus, the care balm from Mr. Fuss already has a high proportion (10%) of moisturizing urea. With fine evening primrose oil and propolis extract are also two other important components in the cream, which are just well suited for the care of dry skin, and typically found in professional foot care cosmetics.

Also the new Hand-Excell Fluid from Mr. Fuss also contains high-quality formulation components that are usually found in high-quality cosmetics for the face. Building on high-quality base oils, you will find jojoba oil, vitamin E and glycerin. Of course, the hands are the calling card of man, and why deprive you of all the best, right?

TIP: Please pay attention to high-quality products, especially in the aftercare, and take the time to compare ingredients!


No matter whether after dead skin removal or after the manicure, the care in the days after is just as important and deserves special attention. Therefore, we would like to give a hint along the way:

Regular care and creams, yes and absolutely. Especially if you tend to have dry skin. But very important, please do not overdo it. Too much care (for example, applying cream several times a day) can be counterproductive. The skin may forget to participate in the supply of important nutrients and moisture.


IMPORTANT: Please after the dead skin removal do not forget the care! And here a few more tips for treatment.


Mr. Fuss and the anti-callous, anti-regrowth system have stood for many years for a gentle but extremely efficient method of dead skin removal. If you get started today, you can end the vicious cycle with rough or sharp tools tomorrow. To get started, we recommend: