Pathological callus formation

callus formation can also be pathological

Unfortunately, in addition to the natural form of callus formationwhose elimination is the great theme of Mr. Fuss and this website, there is also the pathological callus formation. In fact, there are also changes in the stratum corneum that have pathological or at least abnormal causes.

In general, the medical profession calls this keratosis, in simpler terms, we speak of a cornification disorder.

Unnatural thickening - hyperkeratosis

In hyperkeratosis, the uppermost horny layer thickens above average.

This is divided into 2 subtypes. How you here there are two main aspects which influence the natural process of the callus formation of the skin. The first is the initial cell division (formation) of the keratinocytes, which later change into the horny cells (corneocytes). On the other hand, it is the desquamation of the corneocytes on the surface of the skin.

If excessive cell division occurs, resulting in the release of more keratinocytes, this is called proliferative hyperkeratosis.

The second subtype of hyperkeratosis as pathological callus formation is retention hyperkeratosis, and this is referred to when the shedding at the epidermis is disturbed.

There are different causes for these disorders. In addition to external influences, for example through stress, but also through environmental toxins such as arsenic or UV radiation, genetic predispositions or metabolic changes are also considered to be the reason for this pathological callus formation identified.

Irregular development of the cell nuclei - parakeratosis

Another form and also pathological callus formation is when the nuclei of keratinocytes irregularly do not lose their nuclei during the normal process of change, but they remain intact.

This is called parakeratosis. This parakeratosis is seen, for example, in psoriasis or eczema.

Hyperparakeratosis - the combination

If both clinical pictures meet, then this is called a hyper-para-keratosis.

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