Home remedy against dead skin

Home remedy against dead skin, or ask grandma!

How good are the methods?

Ask grandma, or the net, as it is common nowadays. Mr. Fuss did it, and it has been noticed that there are good approaches. You could say, many home remedies against dead skin are on the right track, because most of the time it's about getting rid of the hardened dead skin with the help of a wide variety of active ingredients.

That's a good thing!

Good basic principle, efficiency could be improved!

Whether urine bath, Australian tea tree oil, soaking in curd soap water, apple cider vinegar, chamomile tea bags, mostly acidic or basic

substances, which more or less strongly affect the dead skin soften the skin. Then, depending on the home remedy for dead skin this rubbed off, is easier to remove from the foot or falls off immediately by itself, so it is promised. Others recommend immediately to buy new shoes. But on the whole, with these home remedies the dead skin first softened, in order to be able to be removed then better.

The dead skin softening with a liquid to make it easier to remove corresponds pretty much to the principle of the anti-callous, anti-regrowth system of Mr. Fuss.

Compared to the method with Mr. Fuss the home remedies against dead skin however, are less efficient. The keratolytic effect of the emollients of Mr. Fuss far exceeds that of chamomile tea and tea tree oil. And you don't have to buy new shoes either.

And then it just depends on how exactly the dead skinafter they have been treated, for example, with one of the home remedies for dead skin softened, is to be removed in the end. If rubbing, sanding or even planing is to be used again, then the good idea has not been thought through to the end. Because to avoid rough skin, cracked heels or injuries, it is precisely a technique that is necessary to do without this usually very intensive mechanical removal!

And therefore finds Mr. Fussthat the good idea from tradition handed down or refined misappropriation may be perfected with pleasure.


Mr. Fuss SAYS: Home remedy against dead skin? - There are worse things. But if you want it to work really well, then you'd better start with Mr. Fuss!


Mr. Fuss and the anti-callous, anti-regrowth system have stood for many years for a gentle but extremely efficient method of dead skin removal. If you get started today, you can end the vicious cycle with rough or sharp tools tomorrow. To get started, we recommend: