Wenn die Fußnägel Ärger machen

When the toenails cause trouble

Painful toenails can really spoil the joy of summer. Because they are not only unpleasant, they also do not look nice. Who wants to walk around barefoot with toenails like that? In this article you will learn the reasons for ingrown nails and nail fungus, how to prevent them and how to get rid of them successfully.

Rolling nails

Rolling nails are when the toenail rolls across the direction of growth. This can occur on both sides, on one side or in the form of a kink.

The causes:

The most common causes for the development of curling nails are incorrectly cut toenails, too tight socks and too tight shoes. However, a genetic predisposition or a metabolic disease can also lead to the unsightly curled nails. If rolled nails are not treated, ingrown nails can occur.

Ingrown toenails

The causes:

The causes are similar, as with the rolled toenail. Besides too tight shoes and socks, incorrect cutting of toenails, malposition or sweaty feet can be the cause.


Since the causes of both ailments are quite similar, they can be prevented and eliminated in similar ways. How to do it: Cut the nails toe to toe:

The big toe in particular seems to be a challenge when cutting toenails. Often, the nail is cut straight and the nail corners are removed. You should avoid this at all costs! For a healthy toenail, the shape of the nail should match the top of the toe. If you are unsure about cutting, you should try nail nippers with a curved edge.

The right nail length:

Toenails that are cut too short can also lead to curling and ingrown nails. Our toenails are designed to protect the tops from stress. In order for them to do their job, the nail should protrude about one to two millimeters.

Wear matching socks:

Socks that are too small will cause your toes to be permanently stressed and constricted. To prevent your nails from becoming misshapen, always wear socks that match your shoe size. If you wear support stockings, you can choose the toeless version.

The right choice of shoes:

Shoes that are too tight can also cause painful nail deformities. When buying shoes, make sure that they are not too tight in the toe area. Often, shoes become tighter towards the front. Avoid this shape or at least make sure that there is still enough freedom of movement for your toes.

Tamponade for rolling nails:

To prevent your rolled nail from growing in, you can place a tamponade under the edges of the nail. The nail fold tamponade lifts the edges slightly, which reduces pressure and prevents ingrowth.

To the expert with the rolled nail:

If the rolled nail persists, despite all the measures, the only way is to go to the podiatrist or directly to the doctor. The podiatrist can treat the shape of the nail, using a nail correction brace. Within about six weeks, your toenail should be healthy again. Does this also help treatment If this does not help, a surgical correction of the nail is the last resort.

Toe splitter for tight toes:

If your toes are too close together, a toe divider can help. The toes are kept at a distance, which relieves the nail and prevents ingrowth.

Nail fungus

Nail fungus is transmitted by means of fungal pathogens. Often it comes in swimming pools to the infection. This is because people often walk barefoot there and the warm, humid climate additionally favors the pathogens. Sharing nail scissors and the like can also lead to infection.

This is how you get rid of it again:

Those who have contracted nail fungus need some patience and discipline. It can take time until the nail is completely healthy again and with irregular treatment the fungus can quickly spread again.

Take care of dry feet:

Nail fungus feels particularly at home in moist environments. This is where it settles and spreads. Therefore, it is incredibly important to make sure that your feet are always dry.

Always dry your feet carefully after showering and do not forget the spaces between the toes. When choosing socks, it is recommended to reach for cotton. The material absorbs moisture particularly well and your feet will stay dry. In addition, choose breathable shoes.

Avoid re-infection:

To avoid re-infection and to avoid infecting those around you, be fastidious about hygiene. Change your socks and also your towel every day.

Disinfect your shoes every day and also your nail instruments should be cleaned after each use. treatment disinfect. You should do without your doormat in the bathroom until further notice. Instead, place a pick-up or towel on the tiles and wash the doormat replacement daily as well.

Remove the nail fungus:

To get rid of the nail fungus now, you can use nail polish for nail fungus. If the fungus has already taken more than half of your nail, you can gradually grind off the nail. A pedicure machine is suitable for this purpose or you can make an appointment with a podiatrist. If the nail fungus remains despite all efforts or if it spreads again and again, you should consult a doctor. He can prescribe tablets against the fungus.

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