Künstliche Fußnägel – Top oder Flop?

Artificial toenails - top or flop?

While artificial fingernails have already established themselves, artificial toenails still take a back seat. Yet unsightly toenails are not uncommon. Many men and women are ashamed of their nails. If the toenail is discolored, crooked or even deformed, women in particular tend to hide their feet. This leads to stress especially in the hot summer months. Swimming pools, sandals and bathing slippers are avoided. Can artificial toenails offer a solution?

Artificial nails to glue on

Artificial nails for sticking on are available in every drugstore. They are quickly glued on for the small purse and can boost self-confidence. Already under 10 euros, the artificial nails are available. Unfortunately, this was already all positive things to say about the cheap helpers. The stick-on toenails have an inflexible material. This not only leads to an unpleasant wearing sensation, the rigid material can even cause severe pain, as it does not adapt to the movement of the toes. In addition, your own toenail can be severely damaged, due in part to the adhesive. If the nail is not applied correctly, fluid and bacteria also collect under the open area, which significantly increases the risk of bacterial infection.

Nail modeling at the nail designer

The nail designer offers an alternative. Already from 25 euros toenail modeling is offered. Using UV gel, the toenails usually get a beautiful French look. If there are no health reasons for the unsightly nail, there is not much that speaks against a nail modeling at the designer. However, I recommend you to pay attention to sufficient qualification and hygiene of the nail designer. Before the modelage it should come absolutely to the foot care. The nails should be checked especially for nail fungus and bacterial infections. If your nail suffers from a fungus or infection, you should let it heal completely for the time being. Otherwise, the modeling can limit the healing enormously. In addition to the cosmetic benefits, gel modeling can also prevent pressure pain by strengthening the nail and protecting the nail bed.

Nail prosthesis at the podiatrist

A nail prosthesis at the podiatrist offers a healthy alternative especially for deformed toenails. By means of flexible plastic, the deformed nail is compensated and can be painted independently. The patient's own nail grows back naturally under the prosthesis. In addition, the material can prevent nail infections and the prosthesis is not noticeable as an artificial nail. Therefore, the nail prosthesis can also be a welcome alternative for men. The artificial nail looks natural and promotes the health of the diseased nail. However, there must be a remaining nail to attach the prosthesis. Per nail you can have your prosthesis modeled from 25 euros. Health insurance companies usually do not cover these costs.

Conclusion: Top or flop?

In principle, artificial toenails can increase self-esteem, prevent psychological stress, due to unsightly nails, and even protect the natural nail from pressure pain and infections. However, artificial nails for gluing on are not recommended. The health disadvantages outweigh and in addition, the cheap models usually look very unnatural and little quality. A modeling at the nail designer can be resorted to after an examination of the specialist with a clear conscience, provided that there is no health damage to the nail. The nails get a beautiful appearance and nothing stands in the way of the next visit to the swimming pool. For sick nails, a visit to the podiatrist is a great way to conjure up a healthy and visually beautiful nail. The prosthesis can relieve the own nail and also looks particularly natural.

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