Hier mieft’s nach Käse!

It smells like cheese here!

Understand and effectively treat sweaty feet

Do you also suffer from sweaty feet? I have a little consolation for you: You are not alone. A whole 30% of the German population suffers from sweaty feet! But there are ways and means to get rid of the cheese feet again and to reduce sweating.

How does the pungent smell arise?

Sweaty feet are caused by an overproduction of your sweat glands. The increased sweat production soaks your skin layer. This can lead to whitish swelling and cracking. Now the bacteria decompose and mix with the sweat on your feet. The combination of the decomposed bacteria and sweat lead to a cheesy, pungent odor.

Causes of increased sweat production

Often, sweaty feet have biological causes. For example, sweaty feet may indicate a hormonal disorder, hyperthyroidism or gout. A general increase in sweat production may also be the cause of your sweaty feet.

However, your habits and behaviors can also bring out sweaty feet. Wearing air-impermeable shoes, mostly made of plastic, promotes a moist foot climate and can be the cause of your sweaty feet. The situation is similar with stockings made of synthetic fibers. Mostly nylon stockings are used. However, the synthetic fibers do not absorb any moisture.

Mistakes are also often made when cleaning and drying the feet. Again and again it is assumed that the feet do not have to be washed separately. The shower water running down would clean the feet sufficiently. But this is not the case! Your feet and especially the spaces between your toes should also be cleaned conscientiously. In addition, it is necessary to dry the feet, after washing, extensively. The spaces between the toes should also be dried individually.

Untreated sweaty feet and their rat tail

If sweaty feet are not treated, other problems can arise in addition to itching and stench. The warm, moist climate quickly becomes a welcome habitat for foot and nail fungus, and the formation of warts is also encouraged.

Get to the root of the problem!

With an antiperspirant for your feet, you can prevent perspiration in the long term. Sudozero is the foot deodorant from Mr. Fuss. With an active ingredient content of 20%, the antiperspirant effectively prevents sweating. Swelling and cracks on the skin are avoided. The bacteria no longer decompose your foot sweat and the bad odors are a thing of the past!

Helpful tips to avoid sweaty feet

  • Additionally, you can significantly reduce increased sweating with the following tips.
  • Wear open-toed shoes in the summer if possible.
  • If you wear closed shoes, go for breathable models.
  • Avoid footwear made of plastic.
  • Use insoles made of leather.
  • Disinfect your shoes regularly.
  • Wear thin socks made of cotton.
  • Avoid stockings made of chemical fibers.
  • Dry your feet and the spaces between your toes carefully.
  • Blow dry your feet after washing.
  • Powder your feet with foot powder every day.
  • Put on regular dead skin removal.
  • Use foot care, which will dead skin-delays the formation of new feet.

Tip: dead skin avoid means inhibit foot odor!

dead skin is like a sponge, it is porous and, in conjunction with moisture, provides an ideal climate for germs and bacteria. Deprive these of their retreat. dead skin remove helps prevent cheese feet.

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