Die schönsten Nagellack-Trends für den Frühling 2019

The most beautiful nail polish trends for spring 2019

After you have been informed in detail about hand, foot, and nail care in the last articles, we want to make our hands and feet eye-catchers! Whether with a simple nude shade or bold neon - this spring brings a suitable nail polish trend for everyone! But before that, a crisp short tutorial on how to apply the nail polish.

Instructions: How to apply nail polish optimally

After you have removed old nail polish remnants and excess cuticle removed and your nails in a beautiful shape, should finally color on the nail!


So that we can enchant our nails into beautiful pieces of jewelry and our magic lasts as long as possible, you should get yourself a base coat and a top coat. Alternatively, you should have at least an ordinary clear coat at your disposal. Let's do it!

  1. First, it is advisable to apply a base coat to your nails. In doing so, you should preferably use your cuticle nails, as contact with the nail polish causes them to dry out quickly. The advantage: you get the nail polish color later better from nail, your nails do not discolor and best of all: you can enjoy your newly painted nails a little longer!
  2. After the nail has been sealed and the base coat has dried, color may also already be on the nail. Pick out your most beautiful nail polish color and apply it calmly two layers on the nail. Start in the middle of the nail and apply the nail polish evenly.
  3. Now that the colored nail polish has also dried, a top coat gives your nails a radiant shine. The nail polish is also more durable and the surface is beautifully even. Let the top coat dry patiently and enjoy your beautiful nails. Did you find small fluff after all?
  4. Then it is now time to touch them up. A correction pen can be used to touch up small dents or colorless spots. If some nail polish has been applied beyond the nail, then you can easily remove it with a cotton swab with nail polish remover. Now the nails are perfect!
  5. Now that the nails are beautiful, we should still do something good to hand and foot. After all, they are emphasized with the nail polish and should look well-groomed. We recommend hand and foot care with urea or evening primrose oil. These ingredients care for hand and foot sustainably and delay the reformation of horn and cuticle. Our Care Balm Plus is ideal for your feet. Our Hand-Excell Fluid can conjure up beautiful, soft hands for you.
  6. Beautiful! Now your hands and feet come duly to the fore!

Our most beautiful nail polish trends for spring!

How to do it we know now, only missing the inspiration! Nail polish colors are available this spring in every style. Which one will you choose?

"Auspicious" - The new nail polish color is the must-have 2019

The number 1 nail polish trend, for spring 2019, is definitely the new gray-purple tone. It looks simple and classy and, despite its simplicity, elegantly puts your hands and feet in the foreground. To bring out the new nail polish color particularly well, silver jewelry is ideal. Combined with a simple chain or a silver sparkling watch, your hands appear in a particularly beautiful light.

80s fans watch out! Metallic and glitter may also decorate your hands and feet this spring.

The 80s are not out in 2019. On the contrary! Show up at the next event with nails in metallic style and wear a silver ring. Or pimp your outfit with glittery nails. How about wearing a plain white dress again? The glittery or nails make your outfit look especially festive and metallic nails look classic with the little black dress and give your outfit a rocky touch.

Nude - The naturally beautiful nail polish trend

The nude look is also back this year. You don't want to do without your natural look, but a little nail polish is a must? Then nail polish colors in the nude style are just right for you. The color palette in the nude range has grown significantly - you won't be short of choice. Do you prefer a girly old pink or a simple beige shade? Light beige tones are particularly beautiful with dark skin tones. A beautiful old pink looks especially girly in combination with light hair.

Power women, it's your turn! Neon colors are allowed for the brave hands and feet.

Also back in trend: nails in neon! Admittedly, a neon green gives only the lateral thinkers a sparkle in the eyes. However, a bright pink already appears in a completely different light. Why not finally show your colors again after the dreary winter? Combined with a simple outfit, the bright colors look particularly self-confident and not too childish. How about an outfit in black and white again? A pair of tight black jeans and a white blouse look especially stylish in a style mix with the neon fingers.

The classic is also there! Ruby red is the red tone 2019

The best comes at the end. The classic red may not be missing this year, of course. Decorate the hands with a noble ruby red may every woman. The classic color also looks very nice with short fingernails and whether jeans, dress or skirt - red nails just always go!

Then let's get going!

With the versatile nail polish trends, spring 2019 is sure to be colorful! And, which trend is yours?

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