Das hat Hand und Fuß. Wir heißen den Frühling mit traumhaft schön gepflegten Nägeln willkommen!

That has hand and foot. We welcome spring with beautifully groomed nails!

Spring presents itself this year with all its beauty. Already in February, the fresh season welcomed us with abundant sunshine and summer temperatures. The mood rises and we really feel like enjoying the fresh air and refreshing our vitamin D supply again. Great, this spring, let's show him that we are ready. Now toenails and fingernails are spruced up!

Step 1) Let's start with a cozy hand and foot bath!

A pleasant, lukewarm Chamomile bath softens your nails, makes it easier for you to cut your toenails and also the cuticle softens a little bit. A hand bath is only recommended if you plan to cut your fingernails. If the fingernails should be brought only something in form, you rather do without the nail scissors. Reaching for the nail file is definitely the better alternative. I'll explain why in the fourth step. Now that you have enjoyed your bath for at least five minutes, we can get started!

Step 2) Excess cuticle and nail polish leftovers, we say goodbye to you!

It's been a while since your last manicure and pedicure. However, the most clingy nail polish particles are still clinging to your nails? Then it's high time to reach for the nail polish remover now. If possible, however, you should definitely go to a acetone-free nail polish remover nail polish remover. Acetone dries your cuticle and also makes your nails brittle. Acetone-free nail polish removers are additionally provided with caring substances to remove your nail polish as gently as possible. Now that the nails have been freed from old remains, we also want to remove them from excess cuticle free. To make it easier for you to remove and move the annoying Mr. Fuss developed special softeners. Especially nice: You can, depending on how strong the hardening is with you,between the Softener "fast and the soaking solution "fast and strong choose. For a beautiful result, proceed as follows: Pluck the absorbent cotton in the appropriate nail size, place the absorbent cotton on the tips of your fingers and toes and wet the absorbent cotton with the solution. Now press the absorbent cotton against your skin. The skin should now be visible through the absorbent cotton. Now you can sit back for a moment. After the solution has had a chance to soak in, you can remove the absorbent cotton and wipe the soaked cuticlegently remove the soaked skin, merely by gently pushing it away. Now quickly wash off the hands and feet and behold: Beautiful curves appear from the nail bed!

Step 3) As for toenails, the spice is in the brevity!

After you have soaked your toenails extensively, you have already taken good precautions against nail cracks and cutting the big toe should also be less cumbersome now. However, few people have ever thought about the ideal length of a toenail. That long toenails will probably never be in the trend is already clear, but how short is actually still healthy? The toenail is supposed to protect the tips of the toes from pressure and stress. This protective function is extremely practical and should not be attacked under any circumstances. In order for the toe cap to continue to be protected by the nail, it should protrude about one to two millimeters. So the question of length would be clarified, but also, as far as the shape is concerned, there are always misunderstandings. In order to avoid ingrown toenails and inflammation, toenails should always be cut toe to toe. Thus, the nail corresponds to the shape of the toe. With a nail clippers with curved cutting edge you are on the safe side. Nail nippers are especially recommended for the big toe. It makes it much easier to bring the stubborn nail into a healthy shape. Small toes are usually easy to shape with ordinary nail scissors. Afterwards, you can do your nails some more good by applying some Nail oil nail oil.

Step 4) Now let's get our fingernails in shape!

The often neglected feet have now received extensive attention. Now you can turn your full attention to your fingernails. Basically, when shaping your fingernails you should always pay attention to the file put. A simple pair of nail scissors can leave you with brittle nails and unsightly cracks. However, if you need to do it quickly or want to shorten your nails by a considerable amount, then it is advisable to use the Nail nippers to reach. They shorten your fingernails a little more gently and save you the effort of hours of filing. However, do not shorten your fingernails to the desired length, but leave them about one to two millimeters longer. Now we can move on to the shape. Wide nails look especially beautiful if you shape them into an oval or pointed shape. This makes them look a bit narrower and the final result looks coherent. Narrow nails, on the other hand, look especially good if you file them into an angular shape. Set the file not too high, otherwise it can also come to unsightly cracks. If you now still make sure to always file in one direction, nothing can go wrong! With a special polishing file you can help your fingernails to a naturally radiant shine or you can pimp your nails with a fresh nail polish!

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