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6 reasons to put your feet up more often

"I should just put my feet up." You've probably used this phrase in modified forms more than once. Most of the time, of course, it means relaxing and just doing nothing for a change.

In fact, putting your feet up does relax the body and relieve tension. But the elevated position of the legs has many other benefits. In the following, you will learn why you should definitely put your feet up more often - in the truest sense of the word.

Relieve your cardiovascular system

When you elevate your feet, your blood can flow back to your heart more easily. This provides better circulation and easier drainage of tissue fluids. Your heart is relieved and, in addition, people with low blood pressure can prevent circulatory problems by elevating their legs regularly.

Stimulate your digestion

Exercise the muscle groups responsible for digestion. On the one hand, your abdomen will be flatter and more toned. On the other hand, you will stimulate your digestion. In this way, lifting and lowering your feet regularly can prevent constipation and bloating.

Improve your oxygen supply

In addition, elevated legs support your breathing. In this way, you provide a better oxygen supply to your organs. An improved oxygen supply provides your body with better functionality. For example, it promotes blood circulation, provides more energy and counteracts infections.

Relieve your veins

In addition, elevating your legs relieves the strain on your veins. Especially those who are forced to spend a large part of the day sitting or standing will probably have already noticed discomfort in their legs. The lack of movement often manifests itself with swollen legs or changes in the veins. It is not uncommon for spider veins and varicose veins to develop.

Put your feet up for a few minutes on occasion. In this way, you promote blood circulation and thus relieve your veins. Pain and swelling in the legs also usually dissipate with this position. Nevertheless, you should consult a doctor if you have permanent complaints and make sure you get regular exercise.

Prevent foot complaints

Especially women who like to wear heels, as well as wearing shoes
with steel toecaps regularly put strain on the foot. This can cause changes in the
musculoskeletal system and cause long-term foot discomfort. According to
a long day in the shoes, a twenty-minute elevation of the foot can
feet can have a preventive effect. The foot can relax and the load
process the strain. The blood circulation is promoted and the tendons can

Release tension

Putting your feet up helps you calm down and relax. The better
circulation and easier breathing relieve tension. In addition
the conscious elevation of the legs also has a psychologically relaxing effect. Take
consciously take time to calm down and put your feet up. Like this
you almost enter a meditative state. Your body can feel your
organs optimally, releases tension and your mind calms down.

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